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COVID-19 Response Help March 2020

Dear friends of Unions-America,

We want to take a moment to let all of you know that we are thinking about you and all of your members in these unprecedented times. We are here to help in anyway possible.

Below are some features, services and suggestions that can help make working remotely and avoiding large in-person meetings easier.

Broadcast Messaging (email, text or app)
We have upgraded our network bandwidth service to allow more speed for broadcast messages. This will ensure that information reaches members as fast as possible. You can send broadcast messages to all members of your site or any uploaded spreadsheet list of emails.

Find out more about messaging here

Online Voting

Use the online voting features of UnionActive to allow members to vote remotely. This helps to avoid large in-person meetings.

Find out more about all UnionActive features here

Secure Website URL (SSL/HTTPS)
Add SSL service to your website. This protects the transmission of sensitive information and helps make members feel more secure about logging into your website to update information. If you don't see the lock icon in the browser address bar when visiting your site then we highly recommend adding this service.

See SSL options here

Free 150 Person Teleconference Line
The service is available now and is completely free. Up to 150 people can join in any teleconference. Our service includes powerful features like call recording, call playback, lecture mode, open conversation mode, and much more! Click the signup link, submit the form, and you will receive an email with your own private host and guest access codes along with details on how the use the service.

Also, if a union member would like their own Free Teleconferencing codes to remotely talk with family and friends just send them the signup link.

Signup Free Here!

Union Reach UNITE Phone and Video Conferencing

Make phone calls and manage office business from anywhere. Whether you are in the office, in the field or at home, UNITE seamlessly integrates all your communication tools - desktop phones, mobile phones and computers - into one manageable solution. Includes AnyMeeting video conferencing (FREE for 2020!) plus tons more. We have negotiated a special price just for unions.

Get a call back from our experts

Mobile App

A custom mobile app allows members to access website and members only information quickly and easily. With automated logins, push messaging, and content syncing from the website members can stay informed from everywhere.

See mobile app features here

Union Reach Free App

Our free Union Reach app provides a very quick and powerful way to communicate with members. Send push notifications as frequently as needed with immediate delivery. The Union Reach app also provides any member or staff who installs the app a 200 caller conference line. Connect up to 200 callers at once for free!

View the Union Reach website to signup and find out more

Online Grievance Tracking
Track and manage grievances online with the GrievTrac system. Allow staff and reps to work remotely on any grievance case.

Find out More about GrievTrac

If you have any questions or need assistance with any part of your communications, website or other IT needs don't hesitate to contact us. Stay safe. Thank you.


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