Video on Demand Streaming Setup

Follow the instructions below to add a video to your Video on Demand (VOD) streaming account. If you don't have a VOD streaming account yet, contact us to setup an account. We will send you the information you need to login and upload the video files to our media servers.

Video on demand streaming requires 3 steps to setup your videos, the steps are listed below, followed by detailed instructions for completing each step.


Overview of Steps to Publish Streaming Videos:

1. Convert video files to Flash (MP4) file format:
All your video files must first be converted to the MP4 format using converter software.

2. Upload the video (MP4) files via FTP to our media servers:
The actual video files are stored on our media servers, separate from your website. This provides a dedicated streaming server for best performance.

3. Register the videos in your website:
Once the video is uploaded to the media servers, you will fill out an online form to add the video to your site and make it viewable to your users.


Detailed Step Instructions:

Step 1, convert video files to Flash (MP) file format:
All types of video formats can be converted to MP4 format using converter software including rm, divx, xvid, avi, wmv, asf, mpg, mpeg, vob, mov, qt, 3gp, swf, and nsv.

Most digital camcorders and digital cameras will produce video in an AVI or MPEG format. A very common format is also the windows media video format WMV.

If you do not already have encoder software for converting to the MP4 video format, we recommend using the WinFF Video Converter software. You can use any other video to MP4 conversion software you want, but the WinFF software is a good place to start. You can download the software by clicking on the link below. Once you download the software you can immediately install the software on your computer and begin converting your video files to the MP4 format.

WinFF Video Converter (Free Download)

Note: Only use letters and numbers in the name of your MP4 file. Do NOT use spaces or any other characters like commas, quotation marks, or anything else that isn't a letter or number.

Once you have the software installed, open the program and click the Add button on the software to select a video file from your computer to convert. Then select the first Convert To drop down and choose the "Websites" option, then select the other drop down menu and select Video (MP4) for Web use. Choose an output folder to save the MP4 file in, then click the Convert button. Depending on the file size of your videos the conversion can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. Once the conversion is finished the MP4 video file will be saved to a location that you designate in the software. This MP4 file is the file that you will use in the next step to upload the MP4 file to our media servers.

Step 2, upload the video (MP4) files via FTP to our media servers:
Once you have the MP4 file created, the next step is to upload the file to our media servers. Uploading is done via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), and requires you to have FTP software installed on your computer, or a browser like Internet Explorer that can establish an FTP connection. There are many free FTP software programs available, a good one to use if you don't already have one is FileZilla. Click the download link below to download the FileZilla FTP program.

Download FileZilla FTP (Free Download)

Once you have the FTP software installed, use the FTP settings provided to you to configure the FTP program to connect to your account on our media servers. You should have been provided an FTP username, password, and host server with your VOD streaming account. If you do not have the information or do not have an account yet contact us to set one up.

Once the FTP software is configured, connect to the server and transfer the MP4 video files to the server.

Step 3, register the video in your website:
Once you have the video files converted to MP4 format and uploaded to the media servers, the last step is to make the videos available on your website by adding them to the Video Gallery. Go to the admin area and click the Edit Video Gallery link in the Streaming Media area. Simply fill out the form and input the name of your video file that was previously uploaded to the media servers. Once completed the videos will be available for viewing on the Video Gallery page of your website. You can turn on the Video Gallery page by going to the admin area, clicking the Edit Website Settings link, and scrolling down to the Feature settings area.


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