Endorsements and Letters of Reference from Union Leaders Across America
Updated On: May 02, 2011

Tim Nesbitt
– President, Oregon State AFL-CIO

“Unions-America.com has been providing high-quality and reliable Internet services for the Oregon State AFL-CIO since May 2000. In that time, they have also provided expert technical assistance with the design and maintenance of our web site. We wholeheartedly recommend their services.”

Jerry Driscoll
- Executive Secretary, Montana State AFL-CIO

“As a union leader in the Montana labor movement, I have great pride in the fact that every year thousands of people see a Union logo when they access our web site. I offer my highest recommendation of Unions-America. If you choose Unions-America.com as your Internet provider/website host, I assure you that you will not be disappointed now or years down the road.”

Dave Whaley
– President, Idaho State AFL-CIO

“I am writing to Thank you and your staff for all of your help and support since we came on line June 2000. Your Technical Manager Darius has proven to be invaluable for providing quick, professional technical support no matter what time of day we call. I would highly recommend your services to all union affiliates, as a reliable, efficient Internet provider.”

Bob Dilger
-Retired Exec. /Treasurer-Washington Building & Const. Trades Council of 33 years

“I’m very pleased that we now have a fully unionized Internet Company in UnionsAmerica.com. I support and applaud their efforts”

Irv Fletcher
– President Emeritus, Oregon AFL-CIO

“I have known and done business with the founder of Unions-America Timothy Johnson for 15 years, during that time I have found his integrity and commitment to the goals of Organized labor beyond reproach. I wholeheartedly recommend Unions-America to you – the only ALL-Union Internet Service Provider”

David Anders
– President, Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics of North Carolina

“I am very pleased to endorse Unions-America/Profirefighter.com. Their service is always prompt, the quality of work is very good and I am very happy to be working with an all-union company Internet provider. I recommend their Internet services for IAFF members as well as all our union brothers and sisters.”

Bill Bumpus
– President, Union Web Services, Massachusetts

“We did a little research into unionized hosting services, and you folks stood out as the most professional of the lot. We also took the liberty of contacting some of your hosting clients, and I’m happy to say the feedback we got from every one of them was entirely positive. So we are ready to take the plunge and move our domain from MindSpring over to Unions-America.”

Robert L Bragg III
– Vice-President, Virginia Professional Fire Fighters

Communications Director, The Southern Federation of Professional Fire Fighters

“We have been very satisfied with the services provided by Unions-America/Profirefighter.com. They are easy to work with and an all Union Company, as an IAFF member and an affiliate of the AFL-CIO we are proud to be able to support union Internet” 

George Prusak
- Pres. Colorado Postal Workers Union

His comments on “THE BUG” as it appears on the CPWU web site:

WE GOT THE BUG: As you may know, as good unionists, and as part of our oath as officers, we must buy union products whenever possible. Well we have partnered with UnionsAmerica.com a real live unionized ISP.  We are proud to announce that we are the first APWU site that is now hosted by a union ISP. Gone is the scab labor and in comes UNIONIZED WORKERS. Our National Union still hasn't caught on to the fact that just because you go through AT&T does not mean it's a unionized site, it's sub-contracted out. AOL, Earthlink, ATTNet, MCI, Sprint, are all non-union. Even the AFL-CIO has their website where technical support is non-union.We are union proud to finally have the BUG, (check it out,), Shouldn't your Local catch the BUG too?

John Sandifer
-Executive Director AFTRA Seattle

We had Unions-America.com redesign our web site. They did an excellent job graphically; technically they have enhanced and simplified all the inner functions. I can now easily navigate and make internal changes. Their technicians are great; I would recommend them to anyone interested in web design or redesign. Also they billed us for less than we agreed upon and lived up to every expectation. A Union Company we can all be proud of!

Chuck Macrae
-President/DBR Woodworkers District Lodge 1, IAMAW, Gladstone Or.

We switched our web site to UnionsAmerica.com because they were union. The transition was extremely smooth due to their outstanding technical support and service. We would recommend them to all Union Organizations and members

Steve Booth
- President/Business Agent, Amalgamated Transit Union #382 Salt Lake City, UT

We discovered Unions-America.com a couple of years back and have been using them since.  Not only were we excited to find a Union supplier for our Internet service we found them to be very helpful in setting up our web site.  The people at Unions-America.com have gone out of their way to provide their service and solve problems when they arise.  We couldn't be more satisfied with this service.”

Rita Gibbons
– Communicator, IAMAW Allied Local # 1747 Herndon, VA

“As communicator for our local, I was interested when I heard about all Union Internet and hosting services through Unions-America. Their rates were comparable so we switched our web site over and so far their service has been superb. The tech support staff has been very courteous, patient, helpful, and has responded to all my inquiries in a timely manner. I also changed my personal ISP to Unions-America.com and am equally pleased with the connection and service I receive. Less expensive, all union and better service, I would recommend anyone, union or non-union to use Unions-America.com as their Internet Service Provider.”

Carl Below
– The Oregon State Fire Fighters Council

“The Oregon State Fire Fighters Council has been working with Unions-America/Profirefighter.com for almost 2 years.  We contacted them after we decided we wanted to have a presence on the Web.  They worked with me throughout the entire process of developing our web site and getting our organization on to the Web.  We have been very pleased with Unions-America.com. It is a bonus to find a company that is good at what they do, responds to your concerns and is also a union company.  We recommend them highly to anyone and everyone.”

J. David Rhodes
– President, IAFF Local # 134 Atlanta, GA

“Without a website it would be impossible to keep our members informed on the weekly activities of our local. The service we have received from Unions-America/Profirefighter has allowed us to use the web as an effective tool for running our local. We will have our monthly members meeting expanded and held online so that more of our members can participate. Communication is the key to any successful local.”

Charlie Key
- Secretary treasurer Georgia AFL-CIO

"I am very pleased with the service from Unions-America. The transfer of our site was painless. The staff is courteous and efficient. The Georgia AFL-CIO is proud to have our site hosted by a union company."

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