GrievTrac - Online Grievance Database Tracking System
Posted On: Jul 09, 2013

We are pleased to announce the release of our latest product:
GrievTrac - The Online Grievance Database Tracking System.

GrievTrac is 100% Union Made by specifically for labor organizations. With GrievTrac you can take grievance tracking to a whole new level. The GrievTrac system allows you to efficiently research, collaborate, share, archive, and directly facilitate the grievance process online.

GrievTrac Highlights

Fully detailed database of grievance information
Each grievance report can record and track more than 40 specific fields including multiple important dates, employer and member information, full statement and remedy text, resolution information, contract and article violation data, and document uploading.

Customizable settings and grievance statement text specific to the requirements of your organization
Enter grievance statement and general remedy text specific to your organization. Set the specific grievance types, remedy types, and other details required for your reporting.

User Friendly interface for fast access to current grievance and employer information
Quickly view the most current grievances in a list format, show only open grievances, only closed grievances, grievances that are coming up for review, or grievances within a specific date period all with the click of a button.

Complete date tracking for a wide range of grievance events
Keep track of multiple levels of meeting dates, key grievance dates, and arbitration dates. Schedule review dates for each grievance and quickly view them in order of importance.

Email or text notification of important grievance review dates
Receive email notification or text message notification reminders when important grievance review dates are approaching.

Detailed searching and filtering options for grievance research
Keyword search all grievance data or specific data fields quickly and easily. Filter search results based on grievance types, remedy types, status, or date factors. The system also makes it easy to add in past grievance cases to build a valuable archive now and into the future.

GrievTrac Screen Shot

Upload PDF, Word, HTML, and text based contracts with no conversion required for searching
Contract documents are fully indexed in our powerful search engine. No need to convert them to any specific format. Search them right away and directly browse keyword information in each contract. (Note: Contract documents must be digitally created or OCR scanned versions for searching capability to work.)

Sophisticated contract keyword searching built directly into the system
Keyword search all contract documents directly through the GrievTrac interface. View hierarchy results and keyword highlighted text specific to each contract in the results. Our special process lets you quickly scan to each position in the contract content where the search terms appear all with a simple click. The search terms are highlighted in a quick text format that allows fast searching and copying of text where needed.

Quick access to full contract files directly in each grievance report
Easily open and view full contract documents for each employer as a grievance form is being filed. The system automatically presents the proper contract based on the employer chosen on the grievance form. Or you can view any other contract as well.

Ability to send full grievance reports in a PDF format to any email address
Grievance sending module helps you easily send grievance reports including supporting documents to any email address. Grievance reports are sent as PDF files.

Detailed notation module for internal communication on each grievance report
Record notes specific to each grievance. Quickly view the notes and add new ones on the fly while viewing the grievance list. Notes are used for internal collaboration and are not included in any generated grievance reports.

Automatic PDF generation and download of grievance reports
Download full PDF reports for each grievance with the click of a link.

Full multi-file upload ability for digital supporting documentation on each grievance
Upload multiple files for each grievance. Used for supporting documentation or images that are important to the case.

Detailed employer database with member, steward, and business agent tracking
Easily add employers and maintain employer contact information in the system. Assign each member account to a specific employer and flag each appropriate account as a steward or business agent.

Fully integrated with your UnionActive website including existing member profiles, contract uploads, multi-local/unit details, and employer tracking.
All the member settings, contract files, local or unit settings, and employer information already in your UnionActive website is directly integrated into the GrievTrac system. No need to use separate databases.

Automatic grievance form population based on member and employer databases
When completing the grievance form the employer, member, steward, and business agent information is automatically populated into the form based on the selections made. This saves time and allows for accurate tracking of members and grievances.

Multiple access levels for read only viewing, Grievance/Business Agent access, and administrator access.
Assign any member account in the website access to the GrievTrac system. GrievTrac includes a standalone login screen for direct access to the application. No need to access the website administration area. Access can be limited to view only status allowing the searching and viewing of grievance data but no editing abilities. Editors can be assigned who can add and edit grievance data but cannot control the overall settings of the GrievTrac system or manipulate contract documents. A final super user level can be assigned that permits access to all parts of the GrievTrac application.

Unlimited users and unlimited storage space for contract and grievance documents
Grant as many users access to the GrievTrac system as you need. Upload as many contract and supporting document files as necessary. No need to worry about file storage limitations. (UnionActive website clients only)

Automatic system updates
As the GrievTrac system is updated and enhanced you will automatically have access to the most current version of the online application.

Customization Available
GrievTrac gives your organization a powerful tool for grievance handling. The GrievTrac system can also be custom tailored to fit any special requirements. Start with the main architecture and let us know what changes are needed to make it conform to any legal or procedural requirements for your organization. (Additional setup charges may apply depending on customization required. Contact us to find out more.)

GrievTrac Video Walkthrough

Watch the video below to learn more. The video is a general walkthrough showing the GrievTrac controls and navigation through the system.

(Click the full screen button then click play)

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GrievTrac System Cost

Current UnionActive Website Clients

Special Offer: The GrievTrac system is available at a reduced cost to current UnionActive website clients.

Only $29.95/month - Setup Fee Waived!

* Unlimited Contract, Document, and Grievance Report Storage Space

* Unlimited Member Records

* Unlimited GrievTrac Users

* Integrated with your current website contract and member database
(Website must be running in version 3 of the UnionActive system)

Non-UnionActive Website Clients

If your organization doesn't have a UnionActive website but wants to use the GrievTrac system for grievance tracking you can purchase a standalone version of the system.

Only $49.95 per month! + $99 Setup Fee

* Up To 20GB Contract, Document, and Grievance Report Storage Space
(Add more space as needed)

* Unlimited Member Records

* Unlimited GrievTrac Users

Optional - Add Member SYNC for even more power!
Want the ability to import members into the GrievTrac system for easy record tracking? Member SYNC allows you to upload a member spreadsheet file and import the contents into the system. The application is customized to your specific spreadsheet and data requirements. Once the members are imported into the system they can be easily selected when adding new grievance reports. The member data is automatically populated into the grievance form when a member is selected. Member SYNC can also keep the member database current by removing past members and updating current members in the system. All you have to do is export the member spreadsheet and upload the file to the system. Member SYNC is a $299 onetime setup fee.

Signup For GrievTrac

Fill out the form below to request GrievTrac for your organization. We will setup the system for your organization and add the payment for GrievTrac to the normal billing methods of your account.

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