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UnionActive Union Website System!    Learn More...

Union Made website system and communication tool built specifically for union organizations! Maintain all the content for your union website, make changes as frequently as you need, no HTML/Web Design knowledge or programs needed.

· Complete Content Management System
· Integrated Member Only Access

· Email Broadcasting to Members
· Built-in Message Boards
· Custom Union Website Design
· And So Much More!


 IAFF UnionActive Website System! Learn More... website system for IAFF organizations!

All the UnionActive features plus features specifically for IAFF websites.

· Complete Content Management System
· Integrated Member Access & M
embers Only features

· Built-in Message Boards & Classified Ads
· Shift Calendar with Recurring Events

· UnionActive IAFF Newswire
· Email Broadcasting to members
· Custom IAFF Website Design, and so much more!


Union Web Hosting Services  Learn more...

Unions-America offers web hosting for all Union and Political Organizations. Our web hosting packages give you the tools you need for a strong presence on the Internet.

*WordPress Hosting
*ASP, PHP, CGI, Cold Fusion, MySQL Available
*POP3 and Web Based Domain Email
*Union Hosted Logos
*And So Much More!

Responsive Design Templates for UnionActive Sites!

UnionActive is happy to announce the release of our new Responsive Design templates!

What is Responsive Design?
Responsive design is a way of building a single website that works seamlessly on both desktop browsers and the wide array of mobile devices on the market. Responsive architecture gives your site the best quality browsing experience - whether on a smartphone, tablet, netbook or e-reader, regardless of the operating system.

Responsive websites automatically adjust according to the device’s screen size and orientation. Large or small - landscape or portrait; responsive sites switch between these on-the-fly. There is no more need to manage a separate mobile site that has different content and looks nothing like the desktop site. Websites utilizing responsive design offer a more app-like experience to their users when viewed on a mobile or tablet device, all from the same website.

Responsive design is a forward-thinking technology, as it creates sites that will work on next year’s devices. The website is flexible and responds to the exact size of the screen viewing it. When a new device comes out that’s a little larger or smaller, it’s going to work well on it too.

Sample Responsive Design Layouts
Click the thumbnail images below to view our sample responsive design layouts. These sites are for demonstration only and can be custom tailored to your requests.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Sample 3

Sample 4

Sample 5
Each new template features:
  • Responsive Design
    (Seamless display across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices)

  • Advanced Image Header
    (Add and remove images on the fly)

  • New Home Page Tabs w/ Built-in Social Modules
  • New Control Icon Module
    (Login, Settings, Site Map, Search, Share)

  • Fully Customizable Layout
  • And Much More!

See it in Action
Open each link on a desktop computer, then slowly drag your browser window from full screen to a very thin size and watch the website dynamically adjust on-the-fly. Drag it back out to full screen size to see it adjust back to full width. Notice when the browser window gets thin enough everything adjusts to fit a mobile screen. Next, open the samples on a smartphone, then on a tablet, and see how it adjusts appropriately. With a responsive design, the user does not have to manipulate the site using “pinch and zoom,” and the flow of content is more appropriate when the screen size is smaller. 

Make Your Organizations Website Responsive
Responsive Template Cost: $300 One-time setup fee

Installation Includes: Setup of the responsive template of your choice in your current UnionActive website. We will also adjust the colors and background image to your sites specifications. If you send us full size images for the rotating header we can upload those images and get them setup initially as well. You will be able to change or add images at any time through the admin area. All content, members, and other functionality of your website will be maintained.

We can also customize other parts of the templates or mix and match parts of one template with another. Just let us know what you like.

Contact us to request a Responsive Design template for your UnionActive website!


Online Grievance Database
Tracking System. Click to learn more.
UnionActive Member SYNC

Keep your website database synchronized
with your membership data. Click to learn more.
UnionActive Newswire

When your site becomes part of the UnionActive system the content you post to your home page will also be included in the UnionActive Newswire. The UnionActive Newswire is displayed on thousands of websites and includes the most recent content from all sites in the system. This gives your content and your website instant exposure to hundreds of thousands of viewers. It also vastly improves your sites search engine rankings as you are now connected to thousands of other websites.

You can view the current newswire content in the tabs below. Find out more about purchasing a UnionActive website for your organization.

October 18, 2017
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