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News & Notes for Our Valued Clients August 2018

THE POWER OF ANALYTICS — You were probably in grade school when you first heard, from teachers, the phrase “Check your work.” It was good advice then, and it’s still good advice today.

The biggest misconception about communications is the idea that if you’re putting information out there for your members — via your website, your mobile app, email blast or whatever — you’re communicating. The reality is, if people aren’t reading what you’re sending, you’re not communicating.

Now, you’re never going to get a 100 percent response to anything you send out. But you can, and should, track your communications in an effort to see what topics — and even what methods — pique your members’ interest. Analytics is the tool to accomplish this, and in 2018 any union editor can easily unlock the power of analytics to help track your communications.

For example, you can view some basic analytics within your Unions-America website. In the Admin Area, under the Features tab, is a “View Website Statistics” link. That will show you things like how many people have viewed your website over a certain period, how they got there, even their computer IP addresses.

For more advanced information, you can sign up for Google Analytics. It’s a free service that tracks and reports website traffic. Google Analytics can delve deeper, let you know what articles readers clicked on, what links within articles they clicked on, etc.

Similar technology is available for mobile apps and email blasts. Don’t just throw information against the wall and hope something sticks. Use some form of analytics to strategically plan and track what you’re sending out. Need help? Just contact us, our info is below.


A NEW FUTURE? — What might union bargaining look like in 10 years? 20? Will there be any fundamental changes? There just might be, especially in the private sector.

There are some who foresee sectoral bargaining in the U.S.’s future. It’s popular in many European countries already. Let’s say, for example, that the fast food giants in the U.S. — McDonald’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, KFC, etc. — agreed to the concept of a “fast food sector.” Through legislative action, either at the federal or state level, “wage boards” would have the authority to set pay scales and benefits within the sectors they oversee. These boards set the wages and benefits in consultation with both the businesses and unions in that sector.

In other words, it’s kinda/sorta like binding arbitration, where both sides present their case to a mediator who makes a final decision.

By the way, this doesn’t have to take a literal Act of Congress. Individual states have the right to establish independent wage boards, and six have laws on the books authorizing them: California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and North Dakota. Will it be the wave of the future? It just may be, especially for traditionally low-paying service industries. Time will tell.


CONTACT US — Our customer service center is always ready to assist you. We have professional support staff trained to get you answers and/or help you through an issue as quickly as possible. E-mail us at or call (888) 248-5557, Ext. 3.


PRODUCT FEATURE — Does your union still use paper for grievances? Don’t be embarrassed if your answer is “Yes.” Thousands of local unions across the country still rely on paper and ink (and corresponding whiteboards) when it comes to grievances and grievance tracking.

But there is a better way. And think about this: in today’s climate — especially for public employee unions in light of the recent Janus decision — it’s more important than ever that we “prove our worth” as unions. And after contract bargaining, for most union members grievance filing and grievance resolution ranks near the top of the reasons to be a union member.

Our Griev-Trac® online grievance database is the perfect tool for moving your grievance process into the 21st Century — or improving it, even if you’re already using some form of electronic paperwork.

Griev-Trac® allows you to seamlessly and efficiently research, collaborate, share, archive and directly facilitate the grievance process online. With Griev-Trac®, you get a detailed database of grievance information, complete date tracking, email or text notification of important grievance review dates, detailed searching and filtering options for grievance research and the ability to upload any type of supporting documents (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.).

For more information on Griev-Trac®, simply go to our home page at and scroll down. Contact us (see above) if you have any questions — we’re always available to help!

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