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News & Notes for Our Valued Clients November 2019

We've decided to do something a little different in this newsletter. As we thought about serving you, our client base, we realized that many of our users have a wide array of experience with our products. Some of you have been Unions-America clients from almost the very beginning. Others have come on board within the past year, or in some cases, just the past couple of months.

So, we'd like to walk you through a brief overview of Unions-America - not to toot our horn per se ... but to emphasize our longstanding commitment to be the Nation's Premier Communications Company for Organized Labor. Because that's what drives us: advancing the cause of our Brothers and Sisters to the very best of our ability. We also have a special offer for you below, so please read on!!

For 20 years now, our focus has been to provide expert Communications Tools for unions and their members. We have always been a union company ourselves - first with the Graphic Communications International Union (GCIU), and more recently with the Teamsters when GCIU merged with the Teamsters. But regardless of the label, Unions-America is union to the core! There are many companies out there that cater to unions. We don't cater to unions, we are union. We are truly your Brothers & Sister ... Union Proud!!!

The vast majority of you reading this newsletter have a Unions-America UnionActive website. We pioneered the first proprietary Content Management System (CMS), built by union members for union members. Our UnionActive® CMS is the gold standard for union websites across North America. It is constantly fine-tuned with state-of-the-art breaking technologies as they emerge. It is always the goal of Unions-America to serve unions the most cutting edge website tools in the industry to best manage and communicate with your Membership. We offer multi-choice options from advanced UnionActive® CMS websites sites to a complete line of WordPress powered websites as well. For the smallest of unions up to International Unions, Unions-America has the versatility to meet the most stringent of communications. And ours remain the original and only websites that come proudly branded with a union bug. That matters.

But we've evolved as the communications world evolved. Maintaining a good website remains vitally important - indeed, your website is the 21st Century "door" to your union. The public, the media, prospective members and others are always going to go to your website first when seeking information. However, it's more and more likely they'll go there via their smartphone rather than via computer.

That's why we had to make two significant changes in more recent history. One, we upgraded our services to be "responsive." That's the technical term for whatever you see on a screen automatically scaling (resizes your home page) to the size of the device being used - computer screen, smartphone screen, iPad or other tablet screen, etc. A website in 2019 that isn't responsive is the equivalent to driving a Model T.

Two, we launched our app division, adding union-made apps to our stable of products. Virtually everyone in your membership has and uses a smartphone these days. Your younger members use smartphones at a virtually 100 percent rate. It's how they get their news, sports and weather. It's how they do their banking. It's how they communicate with others. But it's not just them, your oldest union members are using smartphones at a rate over 75 percent, and that percentage creeps up every year. So in a world where there's an app for this and an app for that, your union needs an app, plain and simple.

Our Unions-America apps have been strategically designed to seamlessly interface with your website. We understand many unions don't have the luxury of a full-time IT or communications specialist. So we made the apps powerful yet simple. To post content on your app, simply continue posting content to your website and the app automatically updates at the same time.

If you feel your union is not yet in position for a full-fledged app, we also offer Union Reach. Union Reach is a powerful, app-like mobile messaging platform, created to provide union groups with a state-of-the-art push notification system. Union Reach also gives you a conference call telephone line for every user that can handle up to 200 callers at once! Best of all, Union Reach is 100 percent free for unions, their members or any other labor groups. Check our Union Reach website for all the details!

We offer ancillary services as well. We developed GrievTrac, an online grievance tracking system that eliminates all those piles of paper that naturally occur throughout the grievance process. (Of course, you can print anything you need out of GrievTrac.) Automatic reminders built in means no more missed deadlines. And the search function makes it easy to cross reference and search out similar situations from the past - no need to reinvent the wheel each time.

We also offer a database management system. In the brave new post-Janus world, it's imperative unions communicate with their members, but you can't communicate if you don't know where they are.

In essence, we offer a cafeteria plan of union-made, union-based communications tools. So here's the question: Are you taking full advantage of the modern-day communication tools that Unions-America offers? You've got a website, but do you engage your members with an integrated union app? Does a digital, online grievance tracking system sound like an answer to prayer? Incidentally, you can scan and upload all of your grievance-related paperwork into GrievTrac, you don't have to start from scratch. And/or is it finally time to move your database system into the 21st Century? We're here to help.

HERE'S THAT SPECIAL OFFER. Select whatever service or services you'd like to add to your current package, then simply mention this newsletter when you're talking with us about the new service(s) and we'll knock and extra 15% percent off the price. No gimmicks, no fine print. It's our offer to you to help you fully engage in all the tools available from America's Premier Union Communications Provider.


CONTACT US - Our customer service center is always ready to assist you. We have professional support staff trained to get you answers and/or help you through an issue as quickly as possible, or to discuss adding new services to your package. E-mail us at or call (888) 248-5557, Ext. 3.

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